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Vectra 3D The One Minute Flea and Tick Routine
Vectra 3D is the only spot-on flea and tick control product that we carry.  Learn more about it by visiting the website.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CDS): Dementia in Dogs
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction--Learn more about this and see if your dog is showing signs in this interactive website.

Capilex--Hairball control in a tasty treat.

Adaptil: All pets get stressed out. Adaptil is a great product to help comfort stressed dogs in many situations ,from  visiting your veterinarian to a friendly dog that jumps up on visitors at home.


Feliway:  Feliway can help reduce the stress level in multi -cat households and topping some unwanted behaviors.


Gentle Leader: Does your dog pull on the leash while you are out for a walk? This is a life management tool.



Vaccines are a core component of your pet’s health and well-being. You and your veterinarian will dicuss what vaccines are best for your pet’s lifestyle.












Licensing your pets:  All dogs in Wisconsin are required by law to be licensed. You will need to license your dog with your local county office. Some counties also require licensing of cats. Check with your local county clerk office about the requirements for cats.

Poison Control: There are many household toxins in and around your home, ranging from plants and chemicals to certain types of gum and other foods.


http://aspcapetinsurance.com/support docs/101guide.pdf

Heartworm Disease:  Heartworm is a deadly disease that is easy to prevent, but very difficult and expensive to treat.  http://www.heartwormsociety.org/

Sentinel: All dogs need to be on monthly heartworm prevention after a negative heartworm test. Our heartworm prevention doesn’t only cover heartworms, but also internal parasites and fleas.


Flea/tick prevention:  Vectra 3D is the best flea and tick preventative on the market. It repels ticks, mosquitos, and biting flies. Vectra 3D is NOT for cats. Frontline Plus is the best flea and tick preventive for cats.



Capstar: Capstar is a flea treatment the kills adult fleas in 30 minutes. It lasts 24 hours.


Internal Parasites: Stool sample testing is very important for your pet. Internal parasites can cause many diseases to your pet and you, and parasites are everywhere in the environment.


Cerenia: Does your pet get car sick? Cerenia is a motion sickness medication that can be used in many different situations. http://online.zoetis.com/us/en/Products/pages/cerenia

Anesthesia and your pet: At some-time in your pets life, it will likely need anesthesia, whether it be for a routine spay/neuter or for other surgical procedures. You should be aware of the risks involved and understand how blood tests can help your veterinarian detect potential underlying complications.

http://www.idexx.com/pubwebresources/pdf/en us/smallanimal/preanesthetic/preanesthetic-client-brochure.pdf

Oral Health: Dental health is important for your pets. Dental disease not only causes bad breath and tooth loss, but can actually lead to problems with your pets organs such as kidney, liver and heart disease. We offer products to help with dental disease from dental chews to an organic water additive.



Diet: Iams and Hills Science Diet are great food to feed your pet.



Disaster Plan: Disaster can hit without warning, have a plan.

Http://www.couleehumane.com/storage/disasterPrepardnessBrochure 071212Proof4.pdf

 Cold/Hot weather tips: Pets can overheat on a cloudy, 60 degree day. Pets can also quickly get frost bit while going outside in the winter.



Pet Loss: Losing a pet is very difficult. Some may need help/guidance coping with the loss of a pet.